invisible is an art

Be silent, Be undercover and Kill your Ego…Invisible is an art.

The new world situation has definitely changed the aspect of conventional war going back to undercover black ops like it was during the cold war. 

At Universal Shield we are proud that since a few years we have been deeply involved in special projects to design and protect undercover operators. We are permanently looking for new hybrid solutions that would help our people to accomplish their mission and come back safe home.  

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be ready to any situation

Repeating what we have learned during the last 20 years will not prepare us fully for the war we will have the next time. Or for the war we are already in, and maybe without even noticing it. The terror attacks are happening in public places with knives, machetes, cars or trucks. Most terrorists don’t even try to get explosives, because they know that this will catch the attention of our intelligence units. Both sides are getting better in what they do and how to hide their activities. This is why taking all these figures in our scope of work makes our job very special. At Universal Shield, we understand the complexity of protecting operators who are dealing with a 720° combat dimension, while not showing off too early.

last technology

Our line of ballistic protection is completely fashionable. But you are wearing it inside your civilian clothes. These are high-tech layers that can withstand any form of knife-stabbing, slicing, and hitting, and for some specific duties, we are able to design and produce higher level protection. And being protected in this way, while not attracting anyone’s attention isn’t the worst option in many neighborhoods today. The “JW project” is today the most full spectrum undercover warrior oriented program involving a large and diverse frame of technologies and experts. Universal Shield is leading this project for the sole benefit of saving lives.


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