special ops


As an active operator owned company, Universal Shield has created within the last years a new era in the approach of fighting against a threat, being protected by our ballistic solutions. While part of our team was in Switzerland, another part was still doing the job overseas from time to time. Operator culture can’t be fake. This special background gives us a serious advantage when we think about what is the best concept to protect our friends and clients who are in duty.



Special Operations are most likely divisible in two worlds  : 

  • LE, Police, SWAT, Private security, including all First Responders, who need to protect and serve in a civilian environment with a specific frame of restrictions for engagement of the threat.
  • Military and overseas Ops with a very specific mission oriented environment.

Strong of this understanding we invest our time, ideas and money to design the best proven experience based products to save lives of our Guys in duty. Wherever is your mission, we are proud to create and manufacture the top swiss quality and tailored concept which guarantee tactical efficiency and ballistic performances.


Military, LE, Security, most of us aren’t ready to counter enemies and attacks that come from within and are camouflaged in the same culture and population. But for now, this is exactly the most dangerous security threat we are facing. The best way to train is to take the vetted principles of what we know works in a certain context, to understand these principles and to move them into our context of today. Or drop them. Or redefine them. We have to be confident in what works but keep open-minded to the fact that enemies adapt, learn and counter-attack. What we do at Universal Shield, is to meet the best worldwide experts to share and prepare what will be the potential threat our friend operators or clients could face. This is our fundamentals and basics. Based on that principles and on this understanding, we design products and trainings.


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