In general, any civilian who is serious in his interest in home-defense should follow the same advice that we would give professionals: train reality-based and open minded for what most likely could happen to you and your family. But train your thinking around the fact that any attack will be most likely different from what you have learned. Learn good fundamentals, but keep your mind open and able to adapt to any situation. In order to do so, We are here to design and offer families products which help you to save your loved ones.

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Your goal is to protect your life, your family, and maybe your property. Our goal is to provide you the best package : Ballistic concept / Training Programs. Whatever will be the threat level, we will help you and protect you from the invaders.

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You don’t need CQB, SWAT and counter-terrorist training. You are a civilian, act as a civilian. During a home invasion, you won’t have a SWAT unit behind your back while you are moving forward in your fancy tactical gear. No, most likely, you will be sleepy and in your pajamas and asking yourself a range of possibilities and in scenarios you will really face. Thanks to our training and our products and tailored home defense concepts, we are here to provide all possible packages to survive and protect your family from the threat.


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