Universal-Shield, was founded in 2013 in Switzerland with the vision to manufacture high performance ballistic equipment for large organizations. Made by operators for operators, a phrase to explain that all our products and technology have been thought of and made by experience in the field. 

Thanks to luxury industry design partners and in-house innovative young designers, we have achieved a large scope of dedicated tailored ballistic shields solutions.

USH brings combat solutions based on an empirical triangular: Mindset, technical aspect and tactical skills. 

We quickly began equipping government organizations in Switzerland and offered our unique products all around the world to first responders, law enforcement departments, special forces units, security and many more. 

We always push the limit to find design solutions and technology protections to all our operators. 

With our new product concepts, innovative technologies and never-before-seen features, we quickly became one of the most innovative brands in the high-end tactical ballistic protection industry. 

Today, we are extremely proud and honored that highly special forces and law enforcement units, whose lives depend on their equipment, choose Universal-Shield.



Weight, performance and mobility, all aspects that make the difference in any type of operations for first responder, law enforcement, military or special force. The materials used are the last technology with the best quality and performance to meet the requirements on any operating field.


Dedicated to all operators, but not only, we are ready to train what we have learned in the units and operations that made us who we are. Universal Shield as created a solid network of trainers, operators, swat, intel, breachers, first responders, and since 1991, we have developed training paradigms based on all the experiences we could acquire.

by operators for operators

“Our first goal is to come back home safely…”
(SOF Team Leader)

Operator background and experience is not something you can buy. Either you are one of them or you are not. At Universal Shield, we have been permanently testing our own concepts using our products in operations. This is what makes us different. We design, We create, We train and We use it before offering our solutions to our special clients.



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